The Emerging Plan

December 2015

The first critical stage in the process of submitting a Neighbourhood Plan for Effingham is submission of the ‘Regulation 14’ document to GBC. This is the first serious draft of the plan and will be subject to a formal public consultation.

Our Neighbourhood Plan is approaching this stage.

January 2016

Prior to Christmas we held an event to publicise progress on  our Neighbourhood Plan, and to give residents an opportunity to tell us what they thought so far. In addition we submitted the plan to an Independent Examiner to review the technical aspects of the plan.
The results of the health check  can be found below:


The guidance received in the Health Check has been used to help create the  “Regulation 14 Pre Submission Draft Plan”   

The Pre submission Draft is now available here and is the draft of the plan which we will consult on with the village. It is also proposed to undertake a further Health Check prior to the Final Submission Draft being developed.

Health Check January 2017

Independent Examiner Rosemary Kidd carried out a two-stage Health Check on the pre-submission draft, and made recommendations to ensure that the Neighbourhood Plan met the Basic Conditions of the statutory Neighbourhood Planning Regulations. (You can read more about this in the Basic Conditions Statement.) The Neighbourhood Plan was amended to follow the recommendations of the Health Check, mainly by clarifications and extra wording to explain the policies.
The Health Check was carried out in two stages, and you can read the reports using the links below. The Plan was amended as recommended in the Stage 1 report, and resubmitted to the Examiner for her to complete Stage 2 of the Health Check in January 2017.

Health Check Part 1

Health Check Part 2

The Submission Neighbourhood Plan has benefited from further amendments to meet the Examiner’s final recommendations in the Stage 2 report. In particular, wording was added to the Basic Conditions Statement explaining how sites SA1 and SA2 satisfy the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework concerning ‘small scale infill development’ and extra information about the previously developed land was included to explain the allocated site in SA3.

March 2017

The Final Plan to be submitted to Guildford Borough Council is now available here

This is the plan the Borough Council will consult on.