Policy Development

Developing  policies for the Neighbourhood Plan

At our first Public Engagement Event (April 16th 2013) We asked residents to tell us their key priorities. As we move forward and begin development of the Emerging Neighbourhood Plan, we will develop policies that address these priorities.

  1. A summary of the Event
    • 57 people attended the meeting which took place in KGV hall and most stayed throughout the event
    • Residents were drawn from all parts of the village as can be seen from the map opposite.1604 launch map
    • The key Priorities expressed by residents were:
      1. The top 4 things people liked most about Effingham were
        1. The Green Open Spaces – in the heart of the village  – Natural unspoilt beauty
        2. The demographic mix of Effingham (Effingham is for everyone)
        3. The heritage of buildings – and the feeling that it was un-spoilt
        4. The accessibility – to and from anywhere easily
      2. The top 4 things people wanted to see improved were
        1. Lack of health services in the village but also no bank, chemist or free ATM
        2. Poor condition of footpaths and pavements
        3. Poor telecoms coverage – no cable / broadband
        4. Traffic – especially Lower Road / The Street but also cyclists mixing with cars and pedestrians – lack of cycle paths a key issue
      3. The key areas of interest for this group of residents was
        1. Housing
        2. Open Space
        3. The state of roads and footpaths, general tiredness of shops

We explored these ideas further in two Village Day Events where local people were able to discuss thoughts and ideas with members of the team. Subsequently our work on the Local Plan and Howard Proposals has given us detailed information about what local people think and how we all want our village to look in the future. You can read more on this in the progress section of the website.

The policies being developed for each area can be found in the relevant section of the website



Community, Recreation & Wellbeing 

Roads, Transport & Infrastructure

Local Economy


If you want to make a comment on draft policies please use the comment box below.