Our Aims

Our Aims

Effingham and the area surrounding it is a beautiful place to live. Making the most of the facilities and amenities available to us all is one of the reasons your Parish Council is leading this initiative. We want to make sure every Effingham Parish resident has the opportunity to say how they want the area they live in to be look in 5, 10 and 20 years time. We want to encourage all residents to get involved in The Effingham Village Plan and to share their thoughts and ideas for how to improve our village and surrounding area.

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EVP aims

Why should you get involved?


With an Effingham Village Plan we aim to set a vision for the future. We can start to decide for ourselves

  • The kind of community we want to live in now and in the future
  • What we believe is needed and desirable to sustain and revitalise our village community
  • Where new homes can be built (or not built!) and the style and characteristics of the homes we build
  • The kind of businesses we want to support and develop
  • How we can improve and provide for better standards and facilities in learning and living well
  • The kinds of facilities we want and need to learn, play and come together
  • How we can safeguard and protect our environment for our enjoyment and for future generations

Recent Posts

Neighbourhood Plan formally submitted

enp-frontEffingham’s Neighbourhood Plan has reached a landmark stage. Effingham Parish Council has now approved the plan, which has also been ‘Health checked’ by an Independent Examiner. The Plan has now been formally submitted to the Borough Council and enters the ‘Regulation 16’ stage of formal consultation. It will now carry official weight in planning decisions impacting Effingham.

The Plan, which was the subject of a parish-wide survey, received overwhelming support from the majority of Effingham residents. Over 54% of households commented on the plan, mostly expressing their support.

Arnold Pindar, Chairman of Effingham Parish Council, said:

“It was clear from the results of the survey that residents were in strong agreement with the plan which combines innovative policies to protect and conserve wildlife corridors and the character of the village, with small scale housing developments to deliver the sort of homes that local people want and need.”

Paula Moss, Chair of Effingham Neighbourhood Plan Group, (ENPAG), added:

“Our policies to protect wildlife habitats, heritage assets and treasured views received almost universal support from residents. Almost 2/3 of residents supported each of the four sites proposed for new homes. We are delighted by the level of support the plan has received and grateful to the huge amount of work undertaken by residents, at workshops, public meetings and working groups, to help shape the detailed plan. It has truly been a huge community effort.”

The Plan, updated to reflect the views of residents and formal bodies such as Natural England, is now available from the Parish Rooms or via the Parish Council website – www.effinghamparishcouncil.gov.uk  Full details are also available by clicking here:

Effingham Neighbourhood Plan

Guildford Borough Council will now take the plan for further consultation prior to formal examination, and hopefully a recommendation that the plan be put to a referendum of all Effingham residents later this year.

Liz Hogger Borough Councillor for Effingham added:

“This is a huge step for Effingham and a great example of what a community can achieve by working together, with excellent support and advice from Guildford Borough Council planning officers along the way. The Neighbourhood Plan will give Effingham a stronger voice in planning decisions which affect our village and countryside.”

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