Neighbourhood Draft Vision & Objectives

This Neighbourhood Plan aims to establish a clear set of policies and guidelines that will deliver the following (proposed) Vision for Effingham:

“Support at and encourage the organic development of Effingham to meet the needs of its community in a planned and measured approach, that improves the facilities and services for its residents whilst protecting and conserving the essential character and landscape of the village and the environment in which it stands, and in a manner which respects the strategic role of the village in preventing urban sprawl and the loss of Green Belt.”

A successful plan will only be possible if it evolves from the needs of the community, works within the parameters of sustainable development, and balances the needs of today’s community with the rights of future generations to enjoy the historic and unique character of the village and its broader environment.

The plan addresses 5 major areas of activity

  • Housing provision to 2031
  • Creating a green and sustainable Environment
  • Infrastructure to support sustainable development and the developing needs of the community
  • Creating the right conditions to support a thriving Local Economy
  • Community Services to promote the wellbeing of residents

A summary of the objectives in each policy area and the General Policies to support them is given in the file below.

Vision, Objectives & General Policies

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