Our Green Environment


Small picture of ISOur Green Environment Working Group will be led by the Vice – Chairman of Effingham Parish Council  Ian Symes.

Effingham is a truly wonderful place to live. We are part of one of the best green environments in the country, surrounded by greenbelt and including  areas of outstanding natural beauty.

The parish has a number of important wildlife sites identified for protection via the planning system as Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation. These include Effingham Common, Great Ridings and Thornet Woods, and Effingham Golf Course. in addition we have the magnificent facility of the KGV fields.rural effingham

The working group offers volunteers a leading role to ensure those parts of Effingham’s green environment which we treasure remain undisturbed. It will gather the views of residents to determine the type of environment that we want in the future.

Play area

The working group will prepare recommendations for inclusion in the overall Neighbourhood Plan and will consider:

  1. The greenbelt
  2. Local heritage
  3. KGV, Effingham Common and our local green spaces
  4. Protecting green spaces from illegal incursions
  5. Protecting birds and other wildlife e.g. skylarks breeding on Effingham Common

The Working Group will also investigate the problems of flooding and fly tipping.

We will look at all of these topics by asking the following questions

  • How can we enhance and preserve the local natural environment?
  • How can we ensure new developments are compatible with the natural environment?
  • How can we preserve historic features including green space and trees?
  • How can we protect and enhance local landscapes for a sustainable future?

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