About Neighbourhood Planning

In April 2012  ‘The Localism Act 2011’ came into force.The intention of the act is to give local communities more control over the planning for the area in which they live. People within communities can now come together to propose the development and planning priorities they want to see happening. This is  important because it really will give people the opportunity to play a much greater role in the decisions that affect their homes and communities. This is what we want to achieve with The Effingham Village Plan.

Even more importantly,  once accepted by the Local Authority, The Effingham Village Plan becomes a statutory document which will be used to guide and shape future planning decisions. For example, through the use of ‘Neighbourhood Development Orders’ we will be able to identify areas of land and agree outline planning permission to direct the development allowed on that land in the future. You can find out more about Neighbourhood Planning HERE and on the Guildford Borough Council website



In Effingham your Parish Council believes this is a significant opportunity to set out a new vision for the village, and will lead the process of developing The Effingham Village Plan. However we want to encourage all residents to get involved and share their thoughts and ideas for how to improve our community. The Effingham Village Plan will belong to the residents and it must be shaped by the residents and ultimately accepted by residents through a referendum in the village.

See out thoughts here.

EVP aims

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