Welcome to the official website for  the Effingham Village Plan. This is an initiative instigated by the Parish Council, for Effingham residents, in response to the Localism Act 2011. The Act is designed to give local people more power over planning issues affecting their area. It is intended that through the process of building a Neighbourhood Plan Effingham residents will proactively influence  the Local Plan.

As a designated body for Neighbourhood Planning the Parish Council will lead a parish wide review and consultation on services and land use to understand peoples views and priorities for the future.

Through the development of a wide ranging plan for the area all residents will have the opportunity to express their views on future policies in a number of key areas. There are a number of key action areas which the Effingham Village Plan will address. These are –

  1. Housing Design, Heritage & The Built Environment
  2. Our Green Environment
  3. Community, Recreation, Well being and Local Economy
  4.  Infrastructure
  5. Policy Drafting, Process & Communications
  6. Emergency & Resilience Planning

We are now in the final stages of drafting policies for submission within the plan. If you think you can help, or would like to talk to a member of the team please make contact with us on the details provided on this website
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