Effingham Village Plan Steering Committee (VPSC)

The Effingham Village Plan Steering Committee are the group responsible for driving the Neighbourhood Planning process forward in the parish. The group was appointed by Effingham Parish Council and  its Terms of Reference can be found by following the link below.

The group has now been replaced by a broader community group who will oversee the development of the plan to final recommendation to the village. You can follow the activities of this group here


VPSC Terms of Reference 180515 P1

The group reports on a monthly basis to the Parish Council.  The reports can be accessed by following the links below.

Village Plan Steering Committee Report to Effingham Parish Council

VP Steering Ctee 130213

VPSC Report to EPC 23rd April 2013

VPSG 8.5.13-1

VPSC Report to EPC 28th May 2013

VPSC REport 280415

VPSC Report to EPC 18th May 2015

VPSG meeting 27051

EPC Briefing Annual Meeting 18 May 2015

Village Plan Steering Committee

VPSC Minutes 220622

VPSG Rec to EPC 160113

Village Plan Steering Committee

VPSC Minutes 220622