Community Partners

Effingham Parish Council want to ensure that all community groups and organisations within the village are given the opportunity to comment upon plans and proposals and contribute to the development of the Neighbourhood Plan. To this end we are establishing a Community Groups Consultation Forum through which we can invite feedback and ideas from community groups.

What do we want you to do?

Sign up here on behalf of your group to join the Forum. You will then be asked to comment and participate in short surveys and polls from time to time. Seek the opinions of your group or organisation and respond to those that interest you, and when you have the time. We will share ideas as they emerge from the group. Occasionally you will also be invited to participate in research groups or events. You can dedicate as little or as much time as you like to involvement in the group.

How much time will it take?

As little or as much as you are prepared to give. At no point will you receive more than one poll or survey request in a week. Requests will be short and participation is optional. We hope you will join in but it’s not obligatory.

What kind of things will I be asked about?

You might be asked to comment upon ideas to protect wildlife corridors or the style and location of potential housing developments, or it could be ideas for how we improve community recreation facilities for young people or safety on our roads. If you look through the website you will get a better understanding of the issues and ideas being considered.

Will my contributions be anonymous?

No, it is important that we understand the nature of the organisation responding to ideas so that we can ascertain potential for self interest. However all responses will be confidential and, you can be assured, will not be shared without your explicit permission.

Still unsure?

Feel free to contact us and ask any other questions. We want you to feel good about getting involved in the project.