Green Environment : Policy Objectives

At our hugely well supported Public Meeting on 14th March 2015, residents were invited to comment, add to and feedback on proposed objectives and policies.

The Draft objectives for this area are:

1. To protect & conserve the environment of the parish in terms of its:

  • Designated Green Belt status and proximity to AONB
  • Distinct semi-rural identity and landscape – separate from neighbouring villages
  • Key views and vistas making them accessible to all residents (See Map and VILLAGE DESIGN STATEMENT )
  • Biodiversity and wildlife spaces and corridors (See Map)
  • The historic fabric and environment, including the Conservation Area and its setting, and ensure those assets most precious to the local community are conserved for future generations. VILLAGE DESIGN STATEMENT

2. To maintain the strategic role of Effingham in supporting the purpose of the Green Belt by preventing urban sprawl from London and maintaining the openness of the Green Belt..

3. To improve the pedestrian connectivity within the village across different parts of the Parish.

4. To encourage a greener approach to all future developments.

The emerging policies for this area are detailed in the file below. You an let us know what you think by filling in the form below.

Green Environment – Draft Policies





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