Our Green Environment


You’ve told us that Effingham’s green spaces and wildlife are the things that make Effingham unique and special for you. We want to work with you to develop policies that safeguard these things for now and in the future.

We also want to ensure that everyone has easy access to our green countryside and amenities. We need you to tell us what you think of the ideas being put forward and to put forward ideas of your own.
KGV Playing Fields

We are increasingly conscious of the need to live healthier, more active lives. It is therefore important that we review our facilities and amenities  to ensure they meet the needs of residents today and into the future.

We will be talking with interested groups and organisations and residents to understand how we can do this better and at the same time safeguard our environment and wildlife. You’ve told us that Effingham has a key role in supporting wildlife in this part of Surrey. There are a number of critical wildlife corridors in the parish. We want to develop policies that protect these.

If you want to get involved or learn more about activities within this area please feel free to make contact with the team on the email below


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