Help us shape the Environment Policies within the Neighbourhood Plan

Are you passionate about Effingham’s Wildlife and Conservation Areas?

Do you care about our Dark Skies policy?

Effingham common signAre you keen to conserve the Green Gateways to the village?

What do you think we should do to conserve our beautiful environment for future generations?

If these are the sort of questions you are keen to ensure we address within the Neighbourhood Plan and you have some time to get involved in helping us pull this side of the plan together please sign up for our Task Group. Mallards Mere

Much of the work can be done remotely when you have some time, though attendance at some meetings will be required. Give as much or as little of your time that you can. Interested?

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Site Screening Consultation Survey Results

The steering group sought the input of the Community Consultation Group to help guide development of a suitable process for reviewing sites put forward for potential development sites.

The results of this consultation can be found below

Effingham NDP Consultation Group survey analysis of results

The site screening process agreed upon for ranking of sites for further exploration was agreed as follows.

Process for Site Appraisal FINAL 

The VPSG met to screen all those sites put forward by different groups and individuals . A ranking of sites was achieved from this and it was agreed to meet with several landowners in order to discuss availability of sites for developments that would meet those requirements identified in our previous Housing Requirements Survey. These meetings are targeted to take place w/c 15th June. A representative of EFFRA will be present to observe and the meeting will be chaired by Paris Councillor Paula Moss with the Parish Clerk present at all meetings to formally record and minute the session. Landowners may subsequently be invited to present at the next Parish council Meeting.

Join the debate and tell us what you think…

Deciding where new houses should be built is one of the most difficult degrove housecisions our community will have to consider during the development of our Neighbourhood Plan. As an initial stage in the process we are inviting residents to tell us the kind of things we should take into account. More details on this can be found by clicking here.

Help us write the plan — join the Consultation Group

forumpicWe want to invite all residents to join us to participate in our Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Group. This group will have the opportunity to actively shape and influence the policies and ideas in the final plan. It will operate mostly on line but there will also be opportunities to participate in focus groups and workshops from time to time.

The Plan team have reached a point through public events  and surveys where we believe we have identified the main things people want us to address in the plan. We now need residents to comment more directly on concrete policies and ideas.

What do we want you to do?

Sign up here to join our group. You will then be asked to comment and participate in short surveys and polls from time to time. Respond to those that interest you, and when you have the time. We will share ideas as they emerge from the group. Occasionally you will also be invited to participate in research groups or events. You can dedicate as little or as much time as you like to involvement in the group.

How much time will it take?

As little or as much as you are prepared to give. At no point will you receive more than one poll or survey request in a week. Requests will be short and participation is optional. We hope you will join in but it’s not obligatory.

What kind of things will I be asked about?

You might be asked to comment upon ideas to protect wildlife corridors or the style and location of potential housing developments, or it could be ideas for how we improve community recreation facilities for young people or safety on our roads. If you look through the website you will get a better understanding of the issues and ideas being considered.

Will my contributions be anonymous?

Yes, all contributions will be confidential. We are only asking for postcodes so we can ensure we have a balance of participation from across the village.

Still unsure?

Feel free to contact us and ask any other questions. We want you to feel good about getting involved in the project.

Neighbourhood Plan Meeting a resounding success

14th March ppt charts Formated AKL = Charts from the presentations

EVP policies draft AKL II = The draft policies

VDS Portrait AKL 10.3.15 = The Village Design Statement

A very quick thank you to all residents who participated in our ‘Fairer Future for Effingham’ meeting on Saturday. We had near 200 people attending along with Local Councillors and parliamentary candidates. A more thorough review will follow along with analysis of the feedback from residents but as promised I am posting the slides and policies reviewed here for those who want to continue their deliberations.

A Fairer Future for Effingham

Much has been written and spoken recently about development plans for Effingham. This Saturday Effingham Parish council will be sharing with residents ideas emerging from our discussions with people over  the last year.

From 10am at the KGV Halls we will be showcasing ideas for new housing development projects in the village alongside a number of other policy ideas for the Environment, Village Design, Roads & Transport and Community services. We want as many residents as possible to come along and share their thoughts with us.

These ideas will feed directly into the new Local Plan. We know many residents were dismayed over the course of the year by proposals impacting the village and the borough generally. This is an opportunity to actively shape what emerges in the next round of planning.

Click below for details of the event.

Effingham Meeting Poster ii

We hope to see you there.

Housing Requirements Survey For Effingham

Effingham Parish Council is asking all residents to participate in a village wide survey to gather views about the future of our village. All residents will receive an invitation to complete a ‘Housing Requirements Survey’ to help us answer one of the biggest  questions facing us at the moment – if extra homes are to be built in Effingham, what sort of homes should they be?

Guildford Borough Council is currently consulting on issues and options for a new Local Plan, which could mean big changes for Effingham. Government planning rules place strong emphasis on sustainable growth, so our village may be required to find land for more housing. Already there are proposals to rebuild the Howard of Effingham School on land opposite the current site on Lower Road, to be paid for by new residential development on land owned by the School and there are also proposals being reviewed that could see Effingham removed from the greenbelt.

The Parish Council is determined to ensure that IF extra housing is built in Effingham, it should include homes of the size and type required by the village’s existing community.  Arnold Pindar (Chair of Effingham Parish Council) explains –

‘Perhaps you hope to buy a larger 3 or 4 bedroom family home in the next few years, or you would like to downsize to a 2‐bedroom bungalow, or your children want to set up their own home soon and need to find somewhere affordable to rent. Whatever the needs of the community the parish council wants to ensure that those requirements are reflected in future planning for the village. It is vital therefore that residents participate and fill in the survey so that we can ensure their views have a strong influence on the future development of the village’

Surveys are currently being delivered to all households. However it is also possible to complete the survey quickly and easily on line by following the link below.

The on line version is easy to access and fast and convenient to fill in. EFfingham Parish Council would like to encourage all residents to access the service and register their views.

This is a really important opportunity for residents to have their say on a critical issue. Whether you use the paper survey to get involved or follow the link to participate on line we would urge you to get involved and have your say. It’s your village!  You can influence its future!

Development Proposals Presentation by Howard of Effingham School & Berkeley Homes

On a number of occasions recently residents have asked for information regarding future developments at The Howard of Effingham school. To address these questions Effingham Parish Council has issued  the following notification. Please feel free to pass on the details to friends, neighbours and others who you feel may be interested in attending. 

The Parish Council would like to advise residents that there will be an opportunity at the next Parish Council meeting to discuss the recent proposition to relocate the Howard of Effingham school to the Effingham Lodge Farm site opposite the school and develop the land currently owned by the Howard for ‘enabling development’, presumed to mean housing.

  Representatives from both the Howard and Berkeley Homes have kindly agreed to come along to the Parish Council meeting to give residents an overview of the joint venture proposals and the opportunity to discuss this venture and ask questions. The Parish Council wishes to assist both parties to fulfill their promise of extensive engagement and consultation with the local community, and hope that this introductory overview will help with the start of this process.

The Parish Council meeting is taking place on Tuesday 1 October 2013, at 8.00pm at the KGV Hall, Brown’s Lane, Effingham. 
  This item is scheduled on the agenda for 9.00pm. ‘   




Important news on the development of our plan

Since the launch of the Effingham Village Plan in April we have provided additional information on our plans to villagers attending the annual Effingham Village Day event on the King George V Field.  The successful event was held on 8 June and over 100 people indicated their interest in the plans with a number offering help with its development.

On 20 June 2013 Guildford Borough Council agreed to undertake a consultation on issues and options for their new Local Plan that will run in October and November 2013.  Cllr Monika Juneja, the Lead Councillor for Planning and Governance, noted that local involvement in the early stages of local planning is necessary to ensure the aspirations of the community are incorporated within the framework and that public consultation will make up a fundamental part of the decision making process.

The Borough Council recognises that the community is growing and that they need to find ways to manage this growth. The plan will provide a vision for the next 20 years with the aim of delivering a thriving economy, protected environment and an inclusive society. It is a plan for all residents, workers and visitors that will ensure development will be of the right type, right scale and in the right location.

Separate to this, plans for Bookham Vanguard to review the boundary of the Metropolitan Green Belt around Bookham are giving rise to concerns in Effingham.  It is essential that the right tests are applied to ensure that the Green Belt is protected as far as is possible.  The Green Belt stretches from the built up areas of Bookham right up to the Effingham boundary and hence, any changes to theGreen Belt boundary could seriously affect the landscape and functioning of Effingham. From Bookham Vanguard’s published “final tests” Effingham Parish Council does not have confidence that Bookham Vanguard have selected the appropriate tests. We are challenging this.

The Guildford Borough Council initiative and concerns about Bookham Vanguard’s Green Belt review will affect our work on the Effingham Village Plan.  We are, therefore, modifying our timetable to ensure we have the resources to respond to these challenges whilst continuing to develop our own plan.

Consultation on Greenbelt Review Process

Effingham VPSC were invited by Bookham Vanguard’s Neighbourhood Planning team to comment upon the process by which potential development sites will be reviewed under Mole Valley’s proposed review of their greenbelt.

The Bookham Vanguard team held an event to consult with local residents on proposed potential sites for development a number of which lie in the greenbelt and some of which sit alongside the border with Effingham. Effingham Parish Council returned the consultation response which can be found by following the link below

010 Effingham Parish Council reply to BVNP Site selection assessment tests

In August the Parish Council met with Bookham Vanguard to ensure the consultation and liaison process becomes ongoing. The next liaison meeting is taking place on 15 Oct 2013. The minutes from the first meeting and a communique from the Parish Council can be found below on the Parish council’s website.