Important news on the development of our plan

Since the launch of the Effingham Village Plan in April we have provided additional information on our plans to villagers attending the annual Effingham Village Day event on the King George V Field.  The successful event was held on 8 June and over 100 people indicated their interest in the plans with a number offering help with its development.

On 20 June 2013 Guildford Borough Council agreed to undertake a consultation on issues and options for their new Local Plan that will run in October and November 2013.  Cllr Monika Juneja, the Lead Councillor for Planning and Governance, noted that local involvement in the early stages of local planning is necessary to ensure the aspirations of the community are incorporated within the framework and that public consultation will make up a fundamental part of the decision making process.

The Borough Council recognises that the community is growing and that they need to find ways to manage this growth. The plan will provide a vision for the next 20 years with the aim of delivering a thriving economy, protected environment and an inclusive society. It is a plan for all residents, workers and visitors that will ensure development will be of the right type, right scale and in the right location.

Separate to this, plans for Bookham Vanguard to review the boundary of the Metropolitan Green Belt around Bookham are giving rise to concerns in Effingham.  It is essential that the right tests are applied to ensure that the Green Belt is protected as far as is possible.  The Green Belt stretches from the built up areas of Bookham right up to the Effingham boundary and hence, any changes to theGreen Belt boundary could seriously affect the landscape and functioning of Effingham. From Bookham Vanguard’s published “final tests” Effingham Parish Council does not have confidence that Bookham Vanguard have selected the appropriate tests. We are challenging this.

The Guildford Borough Council initiative and concerns about Bookham Vanguard’s Green Belt review will affect our work on the Effingham Village Plan.  We are, therefore, modifying our timetable to ensure we have the resources to respond to these challenges whilst continuing to develop our own plan.

Consultation on Greenbelt Review Process

Effingham VPSC were invited by Bookham Vanguard’s Neighbourhood Planning team to comment upon the process by which potential development sites will be reviewed under Mole Valley’s proposed review of their greenbelt.

The Bookham Vanguard team held an event to consult with local residents on proposed potential sites for development a number of which lie in the greenbelt and some of which sit alongside the border with Effingham. Effingham Parish Council returned the consultation response which can be found by following the link below

010 Effingham Parish Council reply to BVNP Site selection assessment tests

In August the Parish Council met with Bookham Vanguard to ensure the consultation and liaison process becomes ongoing. The next liaison meeting is taking place on 15 Oct 2013. The minutes from the first meeting and a communique from the Parish Council can be found below on the Parish council’s website.



Neighbourhood Planning Enjoys Successful Launch to Effingham Residents

Following successful designation as a Neighbourhood Planning Area by Guildford Borough Council  Effingham residents turned out in force this week to hear details about the new initiative. Especially pleasing was the wide representation from across the Planning Area.


Arnold Pindar, Chairman of Effingham Parish Council kicked off the meeting to a packed hall of  residents drawn from across the local areas who were all anxious to learn more about Neighbourhood Planning and the opportunities available to residents under the new Localism legislation.

Borough Councillor Liz Hogger was  on hand to give residents a much appreciated update on the progress of the Local Plan and highlighted the potential for Effingham’s Village Plan to integrate effectively into the wider plan for the borough.

Residents also had the opportunity to participate in an interactive session to make clear what they wanted and expected from the new plan. Paula Moss (Chair of The Effingham Village Plan Steering Committee) said
“It was really encouraging to see so many residents attend the session and really engage positively with the issues. It showed what we always knew – that Effingham has a strong community spirit and a lot of residents who really care about the area in which they live. I’m confident that this enthusiasm for the Effingham Village Plan will grow and grow”

Effingham confirmed as new Neighbourhood Planning Area

New Neighbourhood Area for Effingham

Effingham residents can help shape future development through a new Neighbourhood Area.

The Council gave the go-ahead for the Effingham Neighbourhood Area on Monday 8 April. Effingham Parish Council will take on a neighbourhood planning role within the parish boundary. A map of the new Neighbourhood Planning Area can be see by clicking on the link below.

Carol Humphrey, Head of Planning Services, says: “The approval of the Neighbourhood Area is great news for Effingham. It is the second to be set up in the borough and follows the recent launch of the first Neighbourhood Forum and Area in Burpham. It will offer residents the chance to get involved in local issues and have a say on future growth.”

The Localism Act 2011 introduced new rights to help communities shape development in their area. Parish or town councils and neighbourhood forums can prepare neighbourhood plans. These set out general planning policies for the use of land. The plans must still meet national and local planning policies.

Paula Moss, Parish councillor for Effingham and Chair of the Village Plan Steering Committee, says: “Development of a Neighbourhood Area Plan is a key part of the Parish Council’s overall strategy to help local people shape the future development of our village. Effingham has a strong sense of community and we want to encourage everyone to get involved and have their say.

“The Neighbourhood Area will enable us to prepare planning policy that addresses local needs in a sustainable way – we can look at our housing, infrastructure and business requirements as well as reviewing the amenities and facilities offered by the village. The people of the parish can now have a greater say in what development looks like and where it goes.”

Effingham village is located to the west of Guildford and is home to around 2,500 residents.

The first community meeting is to take place on Tuesday 16 April at 7.30pm in the KGV Hall, Browns Lane, Effingham.

Effingham launches Neighbourhood Planning Initiative

“This is an exciting opportunity for Effingham residents to make a clear statement of what they consider to be the key priorities for development of the village over the next 10 years. We are grasping this opportunity and over the forthcoming weeks the Parish Council will be working with residents to support the development of a new vision for Effingham. We hope to reach out and incorporate the views of all residents to create a truly inspiring plan to revitalise village life”

Arnold Pindar (Chairman Effingham Parish Council)

Effingham Parish Council have applied to Guildford Borough Council to be formally designated as a Neighbourhood Planning Area. Once this application is agreed the Parish Council will lead an extensive programme of public engagement to understand the views, needs and aspirations of Effingham residents.  As well as considering land-use and planning policies within the civil parish of Effingham, the project will deliver a comprehensive Effingham Village Plan  to guide the efforts of the Parish Council and other voluntary village groups and organisations in providing the services and facilities Effingham residents want.

This website is intended to act as a focal point for information and updates on creation of the Effingham Village Plan so please take advantage of the facility to sign up for email updates so you can get involved and add your thoughts and ideas on the project.