Effingham says Yes!

Effingham residents voted overwhelmingly in support of their Neighbourhood Plan yesterday. An astonishing 94% voted in support of the plan, which from this point forward will carry full weight in all planning decisions. Around 44% of all residents voted in the referendum – one of the highest turnouts for a Neighbourhood Plan referendum so far recorded.

Speaking on behalf of Effingham Parish Council, Chairman Arnold Pindar said:

“We are delighted with the result. This is a great moment for Effingham residents who have come out in great numbers to support the plan. The result will ensure that local people have a significant voice in planning issues.”

Borough Councillor, Liz Hogger, who has championed the plan at Borough level added:

“This is a significant result for Effingham. The scale of the turnout, one of the highest yet recorded for a Neighbourhood Plan, is an indication of the strength of support the plan has amongst Effingham residents, and reflects the importance local people place on conserving our environment for future generations.”

Paula Moss, Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan group, was also delighted with the result:

”A great many people have worked hard over the last 5 years to make this plan a reality. It is a testimony to the passion and determination of residents that the plan secured such high levels of support. On behalf of the Neighbourhood team I would like to thank all the people who worked with us to help shape the plan.  It’s a great community plan and and will help protect and conserve the things residents care most about in the village for years to come.”

IMG_0910Further information is available from the Parish Clerk 01372 454911.