Progress Update

Prior to Christmas we held an event to publicise the latest draft of our Neighbourhood Plan  and give residents an opportunity to tell us what they thought so far. In addition we submitted the plan to an Independent Examiner to review the technical aspects of the plan.

The results of the health check, along with clarifications of points raised by both GBC and EPC with the Examiner, can be found below:



Since receiving and reviewing the report from one of the leading examiners, the team has been busy redrafting policies to ensure they comply with the very strict technical requirements of Planning Legislation and Guidance. You will see from the clarifications raised with the Examiner that Neighbourhood Planning is far from simple process!

Arnold Pindar, Chair of Effingham Parish Council recently wrote to all residents to inform them of the latest developments and his report along with further notes on the Health Check, can be found below:


A Strategic Environment Assessment screening has also been undertaken on the draft plan. The results of this are very encouraging and can be found below. EPC now plans to hold further discussions with Natural England to make further enhancements to ensure the plan delivers on its objective to conserve the natural environment and heritage of the village.


Further Public Meetings are now planned over the next few months to finalise policies under the guidance of a newly formed Effingham Neighbourhood Plan Policy Advisory Group.(ENPAG)

Details of how you can get involved in that process can be found by following this link 

We hope as many residents as possible will join with us to help write the final version of the plan.