Policy Advisory Group to be launched


As we approach the formal consultation phase for our Neighbourhood Development Plan, Effingham Parish Council (EPC) is proposing to launch a new community based group to coordinate the final phases of development of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Subject to final approval at the next Parish Council meeting, the remit of this new group will be to take on the plan from its current draft state to the Parish Council, and following their approval, to formal consultation with all residents. The group will consist of up to 12 members who will meet at least monthly to review and guide the work of the various Working Groups already in operation on different areas of the plan.forumpic

The Advisory Group will review existing policies, and where they feel necessary, coordinate the Working Groups to explore appropriate new policies. The group will be responsible for recommending the final draft of the plan to EPC for Regulation 14 consultation within the parish.

We would like to invite you to put your name forward to participate in this exciting group that will be at the forefront of the Neighbourhood Plan process in the village.

EPC is reviewing the proposal at the next Parish Council meeting on 26th January (7.45pm KGV Hall), following which we will be in contact with you to formalise involvement with the group. Please note that as numbers will be capped, we may not be able to accommodate everybody on the group and will seek to balance representation across the parish if we receive more applications than places available on the group.

If you are interested in participating in this group please therefore reply by filling in the form below:

We will be in contact following the EPC meeting on the 26th January to confirm participants and share next steps.

Thank You.