Site Screening Consultation Survey Results

The steering group sought the input of the Community Consultation Group to help guide development of a suitable process for reviewing sites put forward for potential development sites.

The results of this consultation can be found below

Effingham NDP Consultation Group survey analysis of results

The site screening process agreed upon for ranking of sites for further exploration was agreed as follows.

Process for Site Appraisal FINAL 

The VPSG met to screen all those sites put forward by different groups and individuals . A ranking of sites was achieved from this and it was agreed to meet with several landowners in order to discuss availability of sites for developments that would meet those requirements identified in our previous Housing Requirements Survey. These meetings are targeted to take place w/c 15th June. A representative of EFFRA will be present to observe and the meeting will be chaired by Paris Councillor Paula Moss with the Parish Clerk present at all meetings to formally record and minute the session. Landowners may subsequently be invited to present at the next Parish council Meeting.