Consultation on Greenbelt Review Process

Effingham VPSC were invited by Bookham Vanguard’s Neighbourhood Planning team to comment upon the process by which potential development sites will be reviewed under Mole Valley’s proposed review of their greenbelt.

The Bookham Vanguard team held an event to consult with local residents on proposed potential sites for development a number of which lie in the greenbelt and some of which sit alongside the border with Effingham. Effingham Parish Council returned the consultation response which can be found by following the link below

010 Effingham Parish Council reply to BVNP Site selection assessment tests

In August the Parish Council met with Bookham Vanguard to ensure the consultation and liaison process becomes ongoing. The next liaison meeting is taking place on 15 Oct 2013. The minutes from the first meeting and a communique from the Parish Council can be found below on the Parish council’s website.