Effingham launches Neighbourhood Planning Initiative

“This is an exciting opportunity for Effingham residents to make a clear statement of what they consider to be the key priorities for development of the village over the next 10 years. We are grasping this opportunity and over the forthcoming weeks the Parish Council will be working with residents to support the development of a new vision for Effingham. We hope to reach out and incorporate the views of all residents to create a truly inspiring plan to revitalise village life”

Arnold Pindar (Chairman Effingham Parish Council)

Effingham Parish Council have applied to Guildford Borough Council to be formally designated as a Neighbourhood Planning Area. Once this application is agreed the Parish Council will lead an extensive programme of public engagement to understand the views, needs and aspirations of Effingham residents.  As well as considering land-use and planning policies within the civil parish of Effingham, the project will deliver a comprehensive Effingham Village Plan  to guide the efforts of the Parish Council and other voluntary village groups and organisations in providing the services and facilities Effingham residents want.

This website is intended to act as a focal point for information and updates on creation of the Effingham Village Plan so please take advantage of the facility to sign up for email updates so you can get involved and add your thoughts and ideas on the project.

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